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A kick in the face... in the name of Jesus

Saturday, April 19, 2014

A few years ago I got on a roll video taping my kids telling their verisions of holiday stories. We started with Christmas, next was Martin Luther King Day... and then we (rather abruptly) wrapped up the series with Easter.

Over the past week I have been reflecting on Easter and what the story means to me. I keep coming back to Max and Maggie's rendition - because (for so many reasons) it is my favorite one. 

Let me set the stage a bit... prior to filming Max (in first born fashion) coordinated all the details... assigning Maggie her part of the story and rehearsing his. They practiced a few times and then sat down on the couch ready to film.

Max talked about how Jesus was the son of God... but some people thought he wasn't. So they hung him on the cross even thought he never made bad choices. Whilst the story is being told Maggie is aggressively vying for leg space on the couch. Next, Maggie talks about how they nailed him on a cross and he died. Max quickly interrupts to add pertinent details that Maggie left out... more leg action from Maggie. Max talks about how they wrapped him in bandages and put him in a tomb... And then there is a communication breakdown. According to Max, Maggie was assigned to talk about the angel and Max was supposed to do the "three days later" bit... Maggie was SURE that "three days later" was her part. Tussle... a little bit of hitting and some yelling.

At that point, a more logical mother would have stopped recording and intervened. But the humor and irony of the situation was already unfolding and I simply could not help myself... on with the show.

They seemed to have gotten it sorted and Maggie started her part again only to be interrupted and corrected (yet again) by her older (and much wiser) brother...

Bam! Max gets a solid kick in the face.
Maggie gets a quick smack to the thigh.

Both kids are screaming and crying - all while proclaiming the gospel.

What I love so much about this retelling of the Easter story is it's remarkable reflection of Christianity v.s. secular culture. So often when we are struggling to share the most incredible, life giving story... there is frustration, miscommunication, a little bit of hitting, some angry yelling... and often, the "good news" can end up feeling like a solid kick in the face. fail.

I love my kids despite their bitter and hypocritical retelling of the Easter story. It is pretty easy to forgive when the infraction is minor and can be laughed about five minutes later (while hiding in the bathroom).

It is a little bit different when grown adults start kicking people in the face. I can recall a few "roundhouse to the jaw" moments in my Christian life. Moments that I wish I could do over. Relationships I wish I could heal. It's pretty deplorable when you think about how many wounds have been inflicted "in the name of Jesus".

But there is hope for us yet... Jesus wasn't actually like any of us. That's the Good News.
The really BAD news is (despite this being my favorite video of all time) I somehow managed to delete it from my archives.

1 comment :

  1. I remember that video! That stinks that you no longer have it. For some reason I think that those 2 will continue to give you fodder for future videos ;) Everyday I am so grateful that Jesus is nothing like me and that He continuously gives me opportunities to be a little more like Him. Happy Easter (a day late for you)