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DIY fleece lined sheets

Monday, May 26, 2014

It is getting chilly here as all of you Americans post your lovely spring photos on facebook and instagram. I am happy for you... really. You deserve it after such a painfully long and bitterly cold winter. But I have to admit... I am jealous. Winter has never been my season.

I have been on a sewing rampage for the past few weeks. Partly because it is getting cold and I love handmade blankets... and partly because sewing is sometimes what I do when I need to check out a bit.

Fleece lined sheets - I made five of these bad boys this week. My kids have never been able to keep sheets on their beds. They usually end up in a big bunched up pile at their feet. But with the extra layer of slightly sticky fleece they stay in place quite nicely. The soft "vintage" (aka - old) sheets and they extra warm fleece make a nice and snuggy addition to the bedtime experience.

Step one (purchase materials)

- soft "vintage" sheets from your local thrift shop
- appropriate amount of fleece in a corresponding color
- double fold bias tape (quilt binding)
- embroidery thread
- safety pins

Step two (prepare work area)
- lay out your fleece on a flat surface (you can tape or pin it down to make sure it stays secure). 
- lay sheet on top (smooth out any bumps or wrinkles).
Fishing duck with jade stone necklace (a New Zealand tradition)
- start pinning. First pin around the border and then start filing in the interior.
-If you have a patterned sheet you may be able to find strategic and evenly spaced places to pin. You can eyeball it or use a measuring tape.

LOOK... it's the "Three Men and a Baby ghost...
Step three (connect the layers)
- use the embroidery thread to connect the layers.
- remove each pin (not the ones on the outer edge/border) and in it's place put a simple stitch and double knot.
- I chose colors that blend into the sheets - you can hardly see the knots.

Step four (bind the blanket)
- cut off any excess fabric - so that the sheet and fleece are the same size.
- Bind your blanket. I always wing it with this part and my corners look terrible. There are tons of you tube videos on how to do it properly - I should watch them.

knots spaced evenly with floral print... every other yellow flower

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