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South Island Road Trip * day one * travel from Rotorua to Punakaki

Monday, May 12, 2014

Our first day was a bit brutal... but we were all filled with excitement and optimism for the adventure ahead - so we pulled it off. Everyone was up at at 5:15am and we were on the road by 6:00am. We had a six hour drive to Wellington and caught the 1:30pm Bluebridge ferry to Picton. Everyone loves the ferry... they have a fun self guided "treasure hunt" on the boat. If you collect all the clues and solve the riddle you get a piece of treasure (a chocolate golden coin). Fun. Around 3:00 pm we floated past Erie Bay. It was fun to see the isolated little house we stayed in for Christmas last year. We landed in Picton at 5:45 and drove four more hours to Punakaiki. The sun was setting as we drove out of town - past a swampy lake that was filled with tree branches, the mountains were in the background... it was breathtaking. I didn't get a photo, but Ben did a beautiful water color pencil sketch of it the next day. We arrived at the house close to 10:00 pm - it was dark but we could hear the ocean crashing along the beach... we knew it was close. We got unpacked, tucked the kids into bed and fell asleep.

on the Bluebridge ferry
Distant view of the Erie Bay bach we stayed in at Christmas
view from the ferry

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