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A less complicated quilt

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Stacy in Kijabe
My seven year quilt left me with a strong desire to never sew again... until  2009, when we spent a little over a month in Kijabe, Kenya.

Stacy was our neighbor - she (among many other things) was a resourceful mom of three and a SUPER fast quilt maker. She inspired me to believe that perhaps... someday... I might want to quilt again.

We made a special trip to a fabric shop in Nairobi where I bought a wide variety of colorful East African kikoys for my second (less complicated) quilt. 
Nairobi fabric shop

This very quick and simple quilt got me back on the bandwagon and ended up being a family favorite... also a special memory from a beautiful chapter of our lives. It has a thick and rugged denim back - which makes it a suitable resting place for all sorts of occasions...

Getting back to writing about our South Island Road Trip sometime next week...

best dog ever


sick day

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