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America with George * Marysville, Ohio * Great Gram

Monday, June 23, 2014

Hey kids- George wasn't able to make it out for this part of the trip. Today was a special day... it was sad and happy at the same time.We said our final goodbyes to a really amazing lady Great Grandma Dodge. Her first name was Margaret... just like you Maggie!

She was a real fire-cracker and I wish we all would have had more time to spend with her. Here are some interesting facts about Margaret. She was born in 1918 (this is a film from the year she was born... it is pretty different from the movies we have today).

When Grandma was 16 she graduated from high school. She was the only girl and at the top of her class. It was the beginning of the Great Depression (these are pictures from the Great Depression. It was a sad time in America's history. Lots of people lost their jobs and didn't have enough food or money to provide for their families. Grandma Dodge left home to go to nursing school on a scholarship (that is when you get to go to college for free).

She became a nurse, and then got married to Grandpa Fitzgerald. They had Aunt Ellen and Papa. When Papa was a young man his dad died. Grandma became a nurse again, and then she got married to her second husband (Grandpa Dodge). I never met Grandpa Fitzgerald or Grandpa Dodge, they both died before I was born.

Grandma Dodge was a strong women of faith - generous, practical & compassionate. A feisty card player, a life long learner, a world traveler, an independent and strong soul. She made fantastic peanut butter cookies and loved Arby's Roast Beef Sandwiches. After the memorial service, we celebrated her life at the Arby's drive-through.

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