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America with George * Salem, South Carolina * another relaxing day

Thursday, June 26, 2014

For the next few weeks I am going to be using this space to communicate with my kids, 
please excuse the change of tone and content. George is Jude's stuffed dragon. 

Hi guys, it was another relaxing day at the lake. We had breakfast at a restaurant called Sister's and an early afternoon nap on the boat. Mom did some writing, had a root beer and almost learned how to do 360 on the knee board (watch the video)... she ended up getting a lot of water in her nose and wiping out a bunch of times. I tried sushi for the first time... pretty good! After Arleigh went to bed Mom and Aunt Maggie went kayaking at sunset and then played board games with Grammy and Papa. But the BEST part of the day was when Mom got to facetime with her SUPER DUPER AWESOME kids! She was smiling SO big when she got off the phone... she loves you guys and can't wait to hug your necks and kiss your cheeks when she gets home.

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