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South Island Road Trip * day twelve * Kaikoura to Picton (part one)

Friday, July 25, 2014

On our last morning in Kaikoura Jude found a hedgehog. BIG news for a three year old. The three big kids were playing hide and seek outside while Ben and I cleanup up the rental house. Jude was hiding in the shed next to a pile of old fishing nets - the hedgehog was caught in one of the nets. Max and Maggie helped get him untangled and they all worked hard to make a nice comfortable home for their new friend. They accommodated him for about an hour and then said their goodbyes. We got in the car for the final stretch of our South Island road trip.

We left the house around 10:00 am and didn't need to be at the Picton ferry until 7:00pm. We started driving out of town and stopped at a roadside seal viewing area to take a few more pictures of the cute little guys. A young family overheard our kids talking about how cute they thought the babies were... and they started RAVING about a short waterfall hike that was just up the road. They made it sound like baby seal paradise... so we decided to stop for a quick look.

Hundreds of baby seals frolicking in a waterfall. No words to describe what an amazing natural wildlife experience it was for all of us. Actually... no time to formulate the words to describe what an amazing natural wildlife experience it was. Trust me... it was awesome. Baby seal paradise. We could hardly tear ourselves away. Be sure to watch the video at the bottom of the page. PLEASE NOTE: this is a seasonal attraction. Best time to see them is between May and October.

Side note for family... if any of you have still have the email I sent from Tanzania WAY BACK in 2005 (regarding our time at Gombe Stream National Park) please be in touch. That was the only animal encounter I have had that rivaled this and I don't have it documented.

Every time the kids complain about something "not being fair... so and so always gets to (fill in the blank) " we have a running seal baby joke. But did so and so get to see HUNDREDS OF BABY SEALS FROLICKING IN A WATERFALL?! They usually quiet down...

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