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South Island Road Trip * A Summary

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

In April I took one thousand, four hundred and ninety seven photos on our South Island Road trip... and even still, I wish more of this experience could have been captured. I wrote about the BIG things... but it was the little things that made this trip so special for our family. The fires we made, the stories we told, the rocks we threw... It took me a long time to finish this series - perhaps I wasn't ready for it to be over.

Thirteen days of adventure with my husband and kids - time and money well spent. We moved to the other side of the world to create space in our lives for rich and meaningful memories. This trip was everything we had hoped it would be. It wasn't perfect (good stories always involve a bit of "conflict") but it was exactly right. Thankful for this journey we are on. 

You can read the complete series, check out the interactive map or pick a link below.
I hope this will be a helpful resource for folks interested in seeing a bit more of this beautiful country we currently call home.

South Island road trip * We've been away
South Island road trip * A lesson in delayed gratification
South Island road trip * Packing logistics
Day one * Travel from Rotorua to Punakaki
Day two * Punakaki
Day three * Travel from Punakaki to Lake Tekapo
Day four * Lake Tekapo
Day five * Travel from Lake Tekapo to Arrowtown
Day six * Glenorchy, Arrowtown and Wanaka
Day seven * Arrowtown and Glenorchy
Day eight (part one) * Arrowtown to The Catlins
Day eight (part two) * Arrowtown to The Catlins
Day nine * The Catlins
Day ten * The Catlins to Kaikoura
Day eleven * Kaikoura
Day twelve (part one) * Kaikoura to Picton
Day twelve (part two) * Kaikoura, Picton and Wellington
Day thirteen * Wellington to Rotorua

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