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Lemonade : Good Examples

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Truth be told... setting up a lemonade stand to raise money for a good cause was not an entirely original idea. Before we moved to New Zealand we had lots of friends in the quaint town of Kennett Square, PA. Kennett is the mushroom capital of the world and home to some really great people. The Zubrod Family is high on our list of favorites.

I got to know Jessica, shortly after I became a mother. She was a few years ahead of me in the journey, but as our families grew we had more crossover with subsequent kids. I got to know her in a variety of different capacities but primarily through our local MOPS group (Mothers of Preschooler).

Over the years, watching Jessica and her husband Luke, I developed a deep sense of admiration for the way they pursued their own passions and encouraged their kids to do the same. I found them to be a fascinating pair and always enjoyed spending time with their family.

Lessons from Lemonade is a short story about the Zubrod family, written by another one of my Kennett Square favorites (Jamye Shelleby). On a slightly unrelated note - Jamye is also the author of The Winter than Nearly Killed all the Moms. These words made me laugh until I cried... and then I thanked the good Lord in Heaven, that we missed the East Coast winter of 2014.

My kids grew up around kids like Kayleigh. They saw kids doing really cool things to help others people. Max and Maggie's lemonade stand isn't an extraordinary gesture of generosity. It is simply what they have seen other people do. They are following good examples.

If you live anywhere near Kennett Square, you may consider attending this year's Kennett Square Mushroom Festival (September 6 &7). Be sure to stop by and visit the Zubrod's lemonade stand on South Union Street to support the important work that International Justice Mission is doing around the world. 


  1. Liz,

    So fun to see your updates and read about your life abroad.

    And it never gets old to me that we live in such a small world. For us to have met in the small town of St. Charles, IL in middle school, and then to hear you talking about the small town (Kennett Square) that I graduated high school from, after we lost touch for many years and lived states apart, well it just makes me smile. The part of the story where we both became followers of Christ is probably the coincidence I like most. :)

    1. Great to hear from you Melissa. Small world indeed. Thanks for your note. Lots of love from New Zealand.