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Lake Tarawera hot water beach hike

Monday, December 29, 2014

As our time in New Zealand is coming to a close we are working to get a few things ticked off our bucket list.

The Tarawera trail, which opened about a year ago, was on that list. A 15 kilometer hike from Te Wairoa to Hot Water Beach. Not suitable for any of our kids.

We were able to secure a babysitter for most of the day. Left the house a little before 9:00, hit the trail around 9:30 and arrived at hot water beach shortly after noon. We met a very nice family that took us by boat to a hot pool that we missed along the way. We soaked for a while, explored the beach, had tea with our new friends and caught the water taxi back to our car at 3:30. Picked up some pizza for the kids and Indian food for our selves and enjoyed a nice glass of wine before bed. A perfect New Zealand date day.

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