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May (pets)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

This has been a wonderful season for pets. We have a screened in porch that is home to a variety of animals and their (ever developing) habitats.
"Spike" (turtle in the top left corner) is a box turtle hatching that Jude found walking around in our back yard.
"Mapster" (turtle in the water) is a map turtle that Max caught when we were kyaking at an island near my moms house.
"Billy" (large turtle bottom left) is a grown box turtle that we found near the creek at our house.
"Checkers" (the snake) is a corn snake that we found in my mom's back yard.
We have also had a wide variety of fish, crawfish, lizards, geckos, newts, tadpoles, frogs, salamanders and three dogs that visit us on a daily basis.

Walhalla, South Carolina has been a good for us. I think we are going to miss being here a lot more than I can project at the moment. A comfortable home in the middle of the woods, nature, wildlife, wide open spaces to explore and create... and a good dose of freedom.

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