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Monday, May 16, 2016

In the past, when I've thought of grief (generically and as it related to other people) - I underestimated it's tenacity. It's ability to linger and distract for a frustratingly long period of time. We lost my dad a year ago today. I spent yesterday remembering all the painful and poignant details. And then I thought about the actual onset of grief - nine months prior when we were living in New Zealand and learned of his grim prognosis.

Life has moved on... but with a notable lack of enthusiasm. All the necessary things get done along with many fun and unnecessary things. And now that the kids are in school and we have settled into a more permanent home, I have time to do a few of the things that I love. But I haven't had energy to be passionate and life feels flat. For the past twenty one months, grief has been exhausting.

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