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Special visitors

Friday, December 26, 2014

In November, around the time we arrived back in New Zealand, we had very special visitors from America.

Heidi and I became friends in Delaware when our husbands were in medical residency. When we met, Max was seven months old and I was newly pregnant with Maggie. Heidi's daughter Ella was four, Haley was one and Adaline would arrive about six months after Maggie. We were exhausted young mothers, with extended families in distant states and husbands who worked long and unpredictable hours.

We had a common affinity for sanity - which came by way of exercise,  fresh air and adventure. We both loved the outdoors and were committed to maintaining an active lifestyle with kids in tow... occasionally that was an obtainable goal.

Aside from the many surface things  that we had in common, it was our shared faith that solidified our relationship. We prayed and encouraged each other through, what could have been, a miserable few years. Heidi was a blessing to me and I will always be thankful to God for the perfectly timed gift of our friendship.

Seven years ago when we were buried in bills and diapers I don't think either of us could have dreamed of exploring the rocky coast of the Coromandel Peninsula together. New Zealand has  become an incredibly important part of my story and it was a blessing to share a bit of it's beauty with a dear friend.

The Loewens moved to Washington state long before we left Delaware. It had been about five years since we last saw each other. When they arrived in New Zealand, I had a bad cold and was still pretty worn down from our extended visit in the States - but we were able to pick up right where we left off and had a wonderful visit together.

A few of the highlights included...
* sand dune jumping
* cold ocean swiming
* glow worm hunting
* pizza eating
* hot water beaching digging
* luge riding
* late night talking
* birthday celebrating
* redwood mountain biking
* hot spring soaking
* date night fun

Gondola ride to the Skyline Luge

Date night - Indian takeout at Waikite Valley Thermal Pools
Lots of kids at Cathedral Cove

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