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Big boy

Friday, January 2, 2015

Afternoon tea date with Jonah
Jonah turned two in November. In our 18 months here in New Zealand, a lot of growth and change has happened. Kids this age are pretty miraculous and exciting to me. They go from nursing to eating, cooing to talking, crawling to walking. They learn millions of new things in this season of life - and don't "remember" any of it.

I am thankful for this easygoing little guy and the joy he brings to our family. It makes me a little bit sad knowing that he is VERY likely our last toddler.

In lieu of all the transition ahead, we decided to make an early move to the (ever so exciting) BIG. BOY. BED. Jude and Jonah have entered into, what I hope will be, a long running, room sharing, friendship.

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