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Sibling Friendships

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Our primary motivation for moving to New Zealand was to create more space in our life for family time. In the past 18 months we have spent a lavish amount of time together... exceeding all of our expectations.

As you can imagine, the images are not all so picturesque. A loving sister speaking kind words to her doe-eyed little brother, overlooking the ocean with puffy white clouds, blue skies and mountains in the distance.

Our kids fight a lot. They irritate and pick on each other, fight about toys and who get's to do what first. They hit and scream and throw tantrums about stupid things. I lose my temper and scream at them. It happens. all. the. time.

But our success to failure ratio is a lot higher these days. Kindness and comradery has become more probable based on the sheer magnitude of time we spend together.

I am thankful for this time we have had to invest in our family. I don't expect that we will have the same luxury in the all the chapters of our lives. But hopefully this time will serve as a solid foundation for the future of their sibling relationships.

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