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American friends in Rotorua

Monday, February 23, 2015

Way back in April we got word that an American doctor and her family would be moving to Rotorua to work in the ER. We got in touch and had a bit of back and forth correspondence about life in New Zealand, what to pack, where to live, what to expect... when they arrived in July it was a fast and easy friendship.

In August, when we got the word about my dad's diagnosis, the Hartmann's jumped into action and provided a tremendous amount of support for our family.

We had the privilege of hanging out with their kids for a few days so that the could do some hiking with friends visiting from the States. It was a great way for our kids to wrap up their time in New Zealand hanging out with close friends. It was an easy gig. The kids were entertained and I was able to I finish tying up loose ends and packing the house for our move.

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